Friday, February 8, 2013

Best Night Ever

No, really.

Last night was the Best. Night. Ever.

It started with a cocktail party under Endeavour.  Pretty sweet.

We got our free passed aps, a pic with the space shuttle itself, and I was ready to head out.


Out of nowhere, we scored some amAzing tickets to a pre-Grammy's concert and of course we were like um HECK YEAH WE'LL HIT UP THAT AMAZING CONCERT IN OUR WORK CLOTHES.  DUH.

Right place, right time.  Wrong clothes.  But to Hollywood we went, dressed like corporate suckers.

We pulled into a parking lot on Hollywood and Vine, and in the process, cut off the host of the concert,  In his Escalade.  Because we're shitty LA drivers.

And then once we were inside, we just kept flashing our wristbands, and they kept opening the red ropes for us, and I just kept laughing like whatttttt is going on???  And then we saw the most amazing performances ever.

Like Estelle.

And Black Eyed Peas.

And Alicia.  Ohmygoodness Alicia!

I just kept looking around, wondering if anyone else could possibly understand the state of shock I was in.  This was certainly not how I thought I'd be spending my Thursday night.

And so I took a video (what? yeah.).

I'm counting this as my birthday celebration :)

P.S. M.C. Hammer was there!  We're basically old friends by now.

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