Thursday, February 28, 2013

Awards Season


L.A. doesn't mess around when it comes to fame.  This town takes its celebrities personally, and nothing brings that to the forefront like Awards Season.  (That's what we have here instead of "winter.")

In the post-Oscar's L.A., people are either elated that Argo won and f*** the Academy for not nominating Ben for Best Director they are all snobs anyway and did you see how he kissed his wife (best couple ever!)?  Or they are pissed that Jessica Chastain didn't win best actress and this Jennifer Lawrence girl doesn't deserve all this attention it's just because she's young and hot and who does she think she is talking sh*t on Meryl?

It's LOVE him or HATE him.  I want to BE her or I can't even stand to LOOK at her.  They are the PERFECT couple or I KNEW it wouldn't last.  All of this based on what she wore, what he said in GQ, and what Perez told Carson on the radio.

Awards season is a city-wide emotional roller coaster out here.

Like I said, L.A. takes her celebrities personally.


Amanda said...

I was so happy Jennifer Lawrence won, I remember watching The silver linings playbook, and thinking, this girl acts good, she deserves an award. But of course nobody gets an Oscar so fast, it took Natalie Portman and Sandra Bullock a decade and a half or so of good movies to get there. But yes, she acts well and I love her quirkiness, how she is funny, and real, and honest (or so she seems).

Ashley said...

I agree - I think it was a really good movie, and the backstage/press room clips of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars that have been floating around are pretty hilarious. It's just funny to me how into it people here get!