Friday, December 13, 2013


I know we're all over Thanksgiving now and Christmas is all the rage and all that.  
But you know, Thanksgiving just went by too fast this year.  
It's one of those things where it feels like it happened 
yesterday and also 2 years ago all at know how that is.

Well this year, Brian and I started a new Thanksgiving tradition:  Friendsgiving!  
It turns out our apartment is exactly long enough 
to fit three 6-foot tables end-to-end, 
which is all you need to squeeze 20 people in for dinner :)

I got a little overly excited about decorating all harvest-y
and even went to the Flower market downtown the day before.
And I broke out the gold spray paint,
which you should know by now is my #1 secret weapon.
Also, thank goodness for the Dollar Store.

But the best part really was having everyone in one place, together.
It's been hard in LA to get a group together,
and I miss having that sense of cohesion,
so this was just absolutely perfect.
So many people I love, who finally got to meet each other!
The best.

And, I made a turkey for the first time!

Deborah the turkey.  She was delicious.

Well done, friends, well done.

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