Thursday, June 20, 2013

Icelandic Ponies

I was going to do another 24-Hour post for Iceland today (like I did for Copenhagen and Stockholm), but then I got distracted by Icelandic ponies!  (Ok horses, whatever.)  All along our drive down the southern Icelandic coast, there were herds of beautiful Icelandic horses grazing and galloping.   It was breath-taking.

I managed to snap a million some photos where we could pull over, and they turned out to be my favorite images of the trip.  Here are the highlights (so many photos!) in digital first, then in film.

Film <3:

Gotta love those hairdos :)


Lisa P. said...

God the film texture gets me every time. And you know I love the horses. Love love love these pictures; thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Thanks Lisa! Let me know if you want any prints and I can send you some!

Anonymous said...
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