Thursday, June 27, 2013

Iceland: Driving the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the most touristed route in Iceland.
The drive starts in Reykjavik, and from there leads you to Thingvellir,
a National Park, and the site of Iceland's first parliament
(which includes a "law rock" from which the laws were proclaimed),
then up to Geysir, where, you got it, there are lots of geysers,
and on to Gulfoss, a massive, stunning waterfall.

Instead of taking a tour, we decided to drive ourselves,
mostly so I could make Brian pull over every time I wanted to take a photo of ponies.
Also so that we could stop at Fjorubordid in the coastal town of Stokkseyri
for what I had heard, and can now confirm,
is THE BEST lobster soup in the world.

Here's what the drive looked like from our view.

There was so much to take in; my eyes weren't big enough to see it all.

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