Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Tasting Kitchen, Take 2

Remember when I wrote about the Tasting Kitchen waaaay back in one of my very early posts?  And I told you about how we let the waiter pick out our whole meal, and about how the food was so good and it was such a great date place?

Well.  I was right.  You should believe me.

Brian and I went back again as a sort of [really] belated 2nd anniversary dinner.  We did the same thing where we let the waitress design our meal, which, I have decided, is truly the best way to dine.  The whole eating out experience feels so much more luxurious when someone else makes all the decisions for you!  Someone who actually knows what goes on back there in the kitchen!  It's like a mini brain vacation.

Anyway, I'll keep it short because I already told you all about the place last time, but let me just say:  ORDER THE PASTA WITH VEAL AND OLIVE PESTO.

Thank me later.

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