Friday, December 7, 2012

Dana + Michael Come to L.A.

My Outlook calendar for December looks something like this:  friends-friends-friends/San Francisco/holiday party/San Francisco/holiday party/friends-friends-friends/San Francisco/2013!
It's pretty rad.
The December-Bender kicked off last weekend with a visit from our friends Dana and Michael.

The cutest!
And they're the smartest too.
(Have I told you I have great friends?)
Anyway.  I always have fun showing people around LA, even though I don't really feel like it's "my city" yet (even after almost 2 years...I know, I'm working on it).  It was drizzly and gray for most of the weekend, but we still spent most of Saturday outside, wandering around Venice.  To be honest, I was the only one who minded the giant red umbrella and I were pretty pathetic.
I didn't bring my camera because I was distracted by my hangover and did I mention the rain?  My brain can only handle so much.  But of course I documented it on instagram, duh.  In case you still aren't following me (I mean, how could you not want to look at these pictures), I will do you the favor of reposting some of my 'grams here. 
You're welcome.
{I see brick and I think take-my-picture-in-front-of-it-right-now.  Thank god I don't live in Philadelphia.}
{a good way to start any day}
 {new favorite store on Abbott Kinney -- I'm pretty sure this duffle would complete me}
 {canals in the rain}
And one of us Dana took with her real camera (oh yeah, cameras):

Not pictured:  our delicious (minus the weird rabini salad) lunch at Gjelina to-go.  It's worth eating off the dirty crates they put outside on the street instead of tables (oh Venice...).

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