Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve this year at my parents' house was a rainy, cold day -- all the more fitting to turn on the fire and fill up on mulled wine, sarmale, and boef bourguignon.  We had a lot of people at our house this year -- 21 total for dinner!  A very merry night indeed. 

Once the festivities began, I got too distracted by all the friends and family (...and wine) everywhere, and totally forgot to take any pictures, but here's a peek into the pre-party, when tablecloths were still white and my hair was still curled.

 And I got the COOLEST gift from Brian:
A real live old-school polaroid camera!  (Apparently I wasn't "lucky" enough to get coal.)  I love it.  I love him.  I love Christmas.
Hope you all had wonderful holidays with your families and friends!
See you in 2013!
P.S.  Christmas last year.  It seems like decades ago!

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