Monday, November 26, 2012

Now that I've eaten my weight in pumpkin pie, it's practically Christmas.

Hi there!  Sorry for the silence.  Life happened.

I've been meaning to show you around our apartment for a while now, but now I feel like I've waited too long and the carpet's dirty.  It's totally dirty.  Sorry.  You're still allowed in though.  Just don't look down.

Anyhoo, I went a little Christmas-crazy on Saturday.  (This relates.)   I don't know what came over me.  I woke up on Saturday in Santa Barbara (where we spent Thanksgiving), and maybe it was my hangover, or maybe it was the 80-degree weather that made me think it's Christmastime. . . . So we drove off down the coast in search of a good tree lot and a Target.

Buying a Christmas tree in L.A. is not cute.  It's not the wintry, nostalgic experience of my childhood when we used to chop down our tree in Half Moon Bay (ok, truth - that only happened like twice, and there was no snow involved obvi, but it was memorable!).  Tree-buying in L.A. is more like rescuing a barely-living plant from a depressing, shade-less parking lot.  So we rescued a tree, named it Earl, and took it home.

The Target experience was more festive to be sure.  And yes, it was frivolous and totally impulse-fueled, but I just couldn't not buy Christmas pillows.  Christmas pillows!!!  And so now is the part where I show you pictures of our living room and the things I put in it.

Here's our apartment pre-Christmasication:

Quite summery, no?

Here's our living room with the first couple holiday touches added in:

{thanks to the best grandparents-in-law for all their extra ornaments!}

I know it's not a lot, but just having a few things around to remind me of Christmas made me smile like an idiot all weekend.  (That also could have been the peppermint martinis. . . .)

The next project:  finding some stockings for our fireplace!

I'm thinking maybe some of these...

Stay tuned!

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