Thursday, November 29, 2012

Because I Couldn't Not Make My Cranberry Sauce...

We got a basket of cranberries in our Thanksgiving week Farm Fresh to You box, so of course I had to make my favorite red wine cranberry sauce!  But I didn't get it together in time to make it before Thanksgiving, and then it was the Sunday before Cyber-Monday and I had a basket of cranberries and no turkey.

What do you do with cranberry sauce and no turkey?  You make pecan-crusted chicken, it turns out.

This chicken is impossibly easy.  All you do is brush it with dijon mustard, coat it in a mixture of crushed pecans and seasoned bread crumbs, and bake at 400 for 30 minutes on a greased baking sheet.*

And I added a salad of persimmons and pomegranate seeds (I had been wondering what to do with all the persimmons and pomegranates we were getting from Farm Fresh!).  I made a simple dressing from apple cider vinegar, the juice of 1/2 an orange, and 1/2 lemon, and sunflower oil (you could also use vegetable oil or any light oil).

Cranberry sauce wins again!

*Recipe adapted from Robin Rescues Dinner, the book I talked about here.


Whitney said...

I made the red wine cranberry sauce that you posted about last year for turkey day this year, and it was delicious! It also made for some pretty instagrams while it was cooking--win-win!

Ashley said...

Awesome! So glad you liked it! I love it so much I would eat it on anything. Kind of like bacon or cheese... haha.