Monday, March 26, 2012

Snow White, the Ballet

{Please excuse me while I gush...}

Saturday night, Leslie and I went to the ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and it was such a treat!


We went to see Blanche Niege (Snow White) performed by Ballet Prelojcaj, with costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier (yes!  for reals! ballet + fashion design!).  I don't even have to tell you it was incredible.  So so beautiful.  And not in the Disney Princess way.  At all.  It was raw, sexy, dark, modern.  (I think there was a ballet-style orgy at one point...)

See for yourself:



I left so impressed.  Impressed by the dancers, yes of course (ohmygosh their bodies and their grace and the way Snow White and the Prince's bodies moved like they were somehow part of one being!), but also impressed by the set design, the stunning costumes, the production.  It was all done so well.  The moment where Snow White is lifted through the air by her mother's spirit, or where the seven dwarves dance on a vertical mine wall -- those were so much about the lighting, the effects, the set, but in such a subtle way.  The same way that the choreography managed to blend modern and classic without a hitch.  It was breath-taking.


And I can't even think about the costumes without gasping!  The evil queen wore thigh highs and a bustier (omg she was so amazing).


And Snow White wore this insane fringe ball gown in the last scene:


White fringe!  I died.  Died.

All this talk is making me want to see it again.  It was really that good!  Plus, our tickets were under $40 a pop!

Seriously people, if you're in LA, take advantage of this show while it's in town.  It's so so worth it.


Lisa P. said...

OhmyGAHHHH Jealous beyond my dreams!!! You know I would have been dying with you. This looks inSANE!!

Leslie said...

That picture of the evil queen is insane!!!! I still can't get over the costumes or the way the whole thing was done. Excellent fancy pants Saturday night!

Ashley said...

Ahh Lisa, you would have LOVED this! I thought about you :) And thanks for being my L.A. adventure buddy, Les - what a good night it was!