Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reyoon: Double Bachelorette!

Where's the fast-forward button?

I've been giddy and distracted for days...Who am I kidding?  Weeks.  Ok, months!  All because this weekend is:

Melissa and Tasha's
Double Bachelorette Extravaganza!!!!  
{you might remember them from our fabulous Bahamian reyoon}

All I can think about is drinking champagne and dancing and laughing and hugging my very best friends!

Last time we did this bachelorette thing, it was me who was the "bride to" (see tiara below), and we were all headed to Vega$ with my two other fabulous bridesmaids, and my wonderful law school friends...

There was pool-laying and table-dancing, an awkward encounter with famous chef Rick Bayless involving confetti of a certain shape, a dinner in a private room at the Foundation Room thanks to Caroline and the mysterious Vegas concierge-woman Ricca, a run-in with M.C. Hammer, and a whole lot of other things that shall not be aired on the interwebs.  And then there was that time I told a guy who was oggling my friends that "they are all really smart, too," and then he bought us a bottle of Veuve.  Ha!

It was a party that made me THIS happy:

And I can't wait to repay the favor!

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