Monday, November 21, 2011

The Night I Became a Lawyer (and then drove to Vega$)

At 7:30pm, we slammed the car doors, started up the engine, and headed east.  I was tired and giddy and residually sweaty.  Vegas sounded like a dream.

At 12:30am, we caught our first glimpse of the strip!  At last!  And there's our hotel!  None of this felt real, not in the slightest.

{thanks to a very nice friend for getting this room for us at the last minute!}

(I was ready to move in.)

It was champagne that night (morning?).  So much glorious champagne.

And pure, genuine, carefree happiness to go along with it.  It felt like nothing could ever be wrong again.

The next day, I woke up after normal people had finished their buffet brunches (as you do in Vega$), and had to pinch myself to make sure that all of this was really happening.  That I really was a lawyer.  That I really had driven to Vegas last night.  That I really had drunk that much champagne.  (Ohmygosh I love champagne.)  That I really was lying in the world's most comfortable bed.  That I really could just press a button and the shades would open.  (Ohmygosh I love hotels.)  That there really were no open container laws here.  (Ohmygosh I love Vegas.)  That I really had absolutely nothing to do for the next 48 hours but enjoy.

And enjoy I did.

{fabulous flower balls at the Wynn}

{Paris.  P.S. have you seen this site?  So much hilarious awkwardness.} 

This was my first time seeing the Cosmopolitan and I was in L-O-V-E.  

I mean, the place is draped in strings of sparkly crystals from top to bottom.  C'mon.

{Chandelier Bar} 

You may have to shield your eyes from the pretty.

Why yes, I will have another Rose Mist.  And some tickets to Le Reve while you're at it, k?


{no pictures allowed during the show, so I just got this one on the way out} 

It was stunning.  There were people rising out of the water, high diving into the water, circling the ring of the pool, upside-down swimming under the surface (how do they do that?), swinging from trapezes across the aisles...there was just so much.  And then there was the lighting, the costumes, the make up, the music.  It was all so fluid, like a moving painting.

And then it was back to the Cosmopolitan for some tapas at Jaleo (delish) and some good-spirited debauchery.


Not Pictured (because life was too insane to find my camera): the part where, just as we were walking out of the hotel to get our car and head home, I decided to gamble the $20 in cash that I randomly had in my wallet (because what kind of people would we be if we left Vega$ without gambling at all?  Lame.  Lame people.).  And then I won $360.  Yeah.  YEAH.  I played roulette (gambling for dummies) and bet $10 on 9 and $10 on 18 (our wedding date because that's as good of a date as I could think of), and the ball landed on what I thought was a 6.  So I said "too bad" to the silly-vested dealer-man and walked away.  But then the dealer-man was calling me back, was waving at me.  Me?  What?  I lost, right?  And then the casino floor boss-man in a suit was telling me "come back, you won!" and handing me $360 in plastic chips.  And then I laughed hysterically for about 20 minutes.  Because who just gives you $360???  WHO DOES THAT?

And that's when you know it's time to leave the Vega$.

The storm clouds moved in just as we started back to L.A.  Brian drove and I curled into the leather car seats, heavy with sweet, content exhaustion.

My goodness, what a life I have.


Whitney said...

Love this! Congrats on passing the bar, and props for celebrating in style!

Ashley said...

Thanks, Whitney! It was one of the happiest weekends I've ever had! Being driving distance to Vegas is my new fave perk of living in L.A.!