Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fridays at the LACMA

I have a new favorite thing to do on Fridays.
It involves wine, picnic blankets, live music, and art.

Does it get any better?

I'd heard about Fridays at the LACMA before,
but due to my AWOL ("always west of Lincoln") inertia,
I had never gone until last Friday.

And it was wonderful.

Brian and I headed out after work,
picked up some wine at Ray's & Stark,
pulled up a seat on the grass,
and hung out and listened to an awesome jazz concert.
I know nothing about jazz,
but I loved listening, and watching all the other people get really into it.
There was even a group of people behind the stage
doing what I can only describe as "interpretive dance."
It was awesome.
I wanted to join in (I'm embarrassing like that),
but Brian was having none of it.

We even got to see the sold-out James Turrell exhibit
(thanks to a friend who got us tickets),
which I can only describe as trippy and completely mind-blowing.
What a genius that guy is.

We followed it up with a dinner at Angelini,
which I have already proclaimed to be 
the best Italian restaurant I've been to stateside.
Brian agreed, so now it's super official.

All around, last Friday was one of those days 
that the effort of planning and going really paid off.
I was just so happy I went and saw and experienced.

There really is a lot out there,
east of Lincoln.

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