Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Years Later...

And I finally finished our wedding album!
Since we went a little unconventional in the photo department 
(i.e. had a couple of our photography student friends take them),
we didn't have the option of ordering a fancy-pants album 
like the ones I've seen on photographers' websites.
But honestly, I love a project so much that 
I couldn't have had someone else make my album anyway :)

So instead, I kept the ribbons from my bridal shower gifts,
and Brian got me the prettiest book on Etsy (which I love),
and I half-way made an album right after our wedding...
and then never finished it.

But now, it's FINALLY done!
And it makes my heart happy.
Here are a few of my favorite pages...

Getting married was a big deal for me.
Wedding planning was alternatively dreadful and euphoric,
and it forced me to grow up a lot,
and transformed our relationship, making it stronger and sweeter than it already was.

With this album finished,
I feel like I can finally close the book on the wedding (pun intended),
and the growing pains that came with it,
and allow all the wonderful memories that I wouldn't change for the world
to live on for safe-keeping
in that lovely little album.


mascara and mud said...

that's gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Thank you! I loved making it!

Shahrzad said...

This makes me happy. I love you and Brian.

Ashley said...

Thanks Sharz! We love you back :)

Brittany said...

so many great memories! the album is so pretty!

Ashley said...

Thanks Brit! You make quite a few appearances in that album :) Can't wait to see you in the fall!