Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're Baaaack!

Croatia blew me away, and Paris stole my heart (again).

I wasn't ready to come home.  I could have spent months hopping around Croatia's islands, or [window] shopping in the Marais...

But such is life.  L.A. ain't so bad anyway ;)

I have a ton of photos to show you, but I took most of them with film (eek!  I'm just crossing my fingers that I didn't load the film wrong or something...) so I'll have to get them all developed first this weekend.  I've been posting lots to instagram (whenever I could get internet), but I'll repost my insta-faves tomorrow for those of you who haven't seen them!

And now I have a giant luggage to unpack, a mountain of laundry to do, and like 5 million emails to tend to.  A big dose of reality coming up for me.

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