Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Weekend (No. 1)

Last Friday was my birthday - my 26th!  I was lucky enough to have two birthday celebrations this weekend, and I've got another one to look forward to next weekend up in SF!  Here are a few pics from the celebrations this weekend to brighten up your Monday :)

Friday night, Brian took me for oysters and wine at Gladstone's in Malibu.

And Saturday, I got all my new LA friends together for dinner and drinks at Naresh's, a cute place super close to our apartment.  There was  pizza, prosecco, and a delicious red velvet cake from Susie Cakes (thanks, Stef)!

{p.s. I'm really excited about that new chair}

To 26, and all the adventures it will bring!


Vy Barto said...

You look fabulous!!! Happy Birthday!!! XOXO
Love that new chair too!!!

Liesl said...

What a FUN birthday it looks like you had and you looked beautiful...also love that chair! :) Such a great looking group of people out celebrating the oh so fabulous YOU! Yay! :)